How do I become an indie filmmaker? – Filmmaking Basics

The key to success is to figure out your story through story-telling, not through traditional shooting. This is the key difference between the movies you want to make and the movies that are being made. If you don’t already know how to tell a story through story-telling, get a movie teacher or a writer who does. I have had great teachers over the years, but don’t worry if you don’t have one. A good movie teacher or writer knows what he is doing. Get one and do the rest. Read, watch and listen, and the rest will follow.

What I always tell my students when asked how they became an independent filmmaker:

One day I went to the library with the intention of reading a book. Instead of reading a book I decided to just see what was in the library and then tell my story.

So I just watched a movie.

When you watch movies, you are essentially telling your story

In order to tell your story you must get your hands dirty, you must listen to your friends, you must learn how to tell your story, and most importantly, you must listen.

Harry Rossi and Chaos Theory
This is the true key to success. You can’t become an indie producer on some random idea and then suddenly be able to do all the things you would like to do. Most of these films you read about or even watch or listen to, your friends will have already made as an independent filmmaker. The difference is that they are making a movie that has actually given them their income. If you find something you are passionate about, you will just naturally find a way to make that film yourself.

Why isn’t all independent filmmaking done through the internet and not through the cinema?

There are three really simple reasons: first, it is easier to have an audience. If you are making a movie online, you already have a bunch of people making a movie for you and it’s much easier to get some kind of response than it is to get a response in a gallery setting or theatre. Your friends just can’t possibly have the time to go from town to town in their car, in their car with their phone, with their cameras, in a car with someone else in it, with everyone else with someone else in it while you are all filming, and with nobody in your camera. You can’t, and it isn’t an issue to you because you already know how to take a shot. Your friends are just there to see if they can catch a

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