How do I get film clients? – Modern Techniques In Neuroscience Research Prize

There’s a pretty simple formula for getting film clients, just make sure that your profile doesn’t look too similar or too different, you will be contacted by the right people.

I’m currently working with a young Australian actor, he’s very good looking and his profile is very clean, and he wants film work. His portfolio is very good, but he also wants to work on TV/Movies, so this is a little tricky! He’s currently looking for a director but isn’t quite ready to commit yet, we could get to him in the week, or in 2 weeks, or maybe in 3 weeks. He might be busy and in between appointments, he can contact me and we can see if we can work out something.
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But, all of those are very unlikely, and would probably just mean that his profile is clean and his portfolio looks impressive.

My main advice is: Get a lot of films, preferably from very established talent for which you know your value, but also some from indie filmmakers, and find the best available talent possible. I don’t want to send a lot of work when I’m already booked up with other clients, that way all of my jobs are booked when I need them, no more “oops, I made a bit of work at a wedding, I have to come back again”

What advice would you give to a first time film student?

I would say that you should try to keep a portfolio clean, make it really useful and try to learn about the subject area that you want to pursue. Don’t do a whole bunch of film projects at the same time, that’s how you get tired, and it’s also kind of silly. If you really want to pursue something and put more hours in, you’ll learn how to do that, and it will make it a lot easier.

I would also advice anyone aspiring to be a movie producer and/or director to read up about filmmaking a lot and maybe just start and see if you’re happy, see what you like, see what kind of projects you really enjoy, see if that’s something that you really like.

And if what you like isn’t possible, then don’t just do this as an experiment; think about the real life stuff, you might try and become a film critic, or work for an important organisation and become good at getting news coverage or making films… whatever it is. I’m sure you’ll be surprised because you might not like anything when you

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