How much does a film director make?

I am not a very expensive and it is also not my goal to do that. It is just to have an idea and then we will think and see. If it is right, maybe we will do it. What will we do then and do not do? What will the world be like after? That is what we will ask ourselves and what is the right thing to take.”

Do you know what happens to people who decide they want more money than their budget can support? And even if they do give $2M into this movie? Do you think you’d get a raise or are you just a victim of people being greedy?

“A film is like life, it is not simple. There is no question about that. The only thing to do is to make that movie the best you can, whatever that means. I don’t think it has something to do with being greedy. It could be the fact that our budget is not so big, but if I thought that people are going to pay me anyway, maybe it would be different.”

Will The BFG be made on a traditional set? In a Hollywood way?

“We are open and if we think about it and decide it is the right thing to do, then we will do it. We do not know anything about production. We cannot make a commitment to do a set. I will look for sets wherever we can, we are open to anything. So we will see what happens.”

What do you hope to achieve with The BFG?

“We hope to do something that is not only an entertaining film, but also a true story but at the same time can become something more important for the people of the world. This, I think, the most important thing for me. I always hope this will be true to the feelings we created when we made that movie The BFG, that love for our movie will never be forgotten. The fact that people have embraced it and that we can still raise so many money from it, that is the best thing.”

I really felt for you when you were talking about your character. You are clearly a kind hearted person who is just trying to support her family. What is the most important thing she needed and that you think about to make what she is going through?

“She wants love not money. She is just a little girl and her dad is a man. We will find out what I said about him. As a man, he