How much does a filmmaker make a year? – Best Cameras For Documentary Filmmaking Workshops

It’s the best-case scenario; the more you pay, the higher the return should be. For what it’s worth, I was able to make roughly $50,000 in 2015, but for a lot of people, that’s a lot of money to pay on your rent, utilities, food (especially for a family of four). As an indie filmmaker, most of your income comes from Kickstarter, pay-per-view sales, and other smaller sales. All of these sales are much more volatile than pay-per-view or DVD sales, and the fact that I would only be writing for 10-12 hours a week when most people are just waking up is a real constraint. Not to mention, you have to make money. It’ll take time to build a following, and when you get that, you can start working on films that you’ll be excited about.

What should I expect from this year’s class? We’ll focus on filmmaking in 2018, as I don’t think any films we’ve learned during the previous class will have been made by 2018. I’ve taken care to not talk about what I learned this year because I want to keep as much of the focus on making films in 2018 as possible. While it will take some time to get through all of your films at this rate, I feel like this year will serve as a good introduction to your filmmaking career. We should all be excited!

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