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On the same day, we put together an infographic of the US economy and gave every one of you a chance to use it.

As a reminder, here’s the graph that shows GDP vs population growth for all time in the US (source):

And here is some information for filmmaking:

1. The average salary for Hollywood’s top four producers is $3,071,639, or $14.5 million per year
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2. The average salary for those behind the camera is $1,841,845, or $14.9 million per year

3. The highest paid director of photography in 2014 was John Wayne, who made $5.8 million

4. Hollywood’s highest-paid film director earned the same as director Martin Scorsese, and the same as Michael Mann

5. The highest-paid actor in 2014 was Robert Downey Jr., who was paid $22,850,000, or 1.2%

6. According to Forbes, the average salary for an indie film is $21,000,000

7. According to IMDb, the average gross for a non-franchise film is $13,100,000

8. The average salary for a director of photography is $1,841,845

9. Based on the latest salary database from the National Center for Education Statistics, the average salary for a writer, editor, and graphic designer in 2014 was $32,750,000

10. For the first time ever, Hollywood’s top 10 highest grossing movies were “Mad Max: Fury Road” with $166 million, “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” with $163 million, “The Dark Knight Rises” with $151 million, “The Avengers” with $145 million, “Iron Man 3” with $123 million, and “Avatar” with $122 million

How much does your industry make? Let us know in the comments!

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