Is filmmaking a good career?

I’ve decided to take on more and more films over the last couple of years and have been very grateful and blessed to have had the opportunity to do it. It also gives me some time to think about the next movie I get to make. I think my next film will be on the small screen and in theatres, and hopefully in one of the most exciting times to be a filmmaker. It’s my way of dealing with death or whatever happens to me and making the most of it.

Do you think you’ll ever turn down a movie?

I don’t know if I’ll ever turn down a movie. But I’m lucky enough that I get very lucky and am very lucky to be the writer and director that I am. If, at any time, I need money—which I don’t—I’m a very rich man so I don’t need much money. I’ll have just enough for food!

What are your most memorable Hollywood experiences?

My first movie and my first big movie, I would have to go with one of the first. The biggest movie I ever worked on was I Love Hollywood. That was the first one that I started making for myself and after that it was an avalanche of films. Before we’d ever opened the doors of the office to any of these amazing people who were going to do all this new creative things with the studio. It was like the whole universe opened to it. Then there was The Producers. I think it was after we’d done Two Girls and a Guy, and a really big company, we got the call that they needed to get in touch with us because I Love Hollywood was one of their big successes. So, I was out shooting The Producers for the next six months in between I Love Hollywood and another big studio project. And then when we finally closed the door—which would have been six months after I got off shooting that film—they offered us the opportunity for two movies. And I love working on these films more than any of the other projects that I’ve done. That first movie, which was really exciting for me to do—and there was a very good reason that we had shot it, which was I’d just gotten married in July that year—I Love Hollywood, I Love Hollywood, I Love Hollywood was the first movie that I’d really worked on that required a lot of traveling by car. I loved it. I wanted to try to do another one with a big budget but we’d never done anything