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Why aren’t writers more popular in Hollywood?”

Jaffe asked why many people, including some Hollywood members, are turning away from novels.

“I think the reasons are more complicated,” he explained. “If you do a movie, you have to make sense of what people did on the page. If you do a novel, then you have to make a movie about how the people did what they did. The movie that was made of The Talented Mr. Ripley was too complicated. The movie that was made of The Terminator, people loved it.”

In any case, even the critics were stunned when Abrams announced Star Trek Into Darkness.

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“I don’t know that this kind of reaction is unexpected,” remarked The New York Times’ Tim Goodman after reading the script.

On an unrelated note: the film grossed the highest opening for a non-sequel of any studio’s latest release. The previous record holder was the last installment The Dark Knight, which earned $215.4 million in its opening weekend.

“Star Trek Into Darkness has one of the two best opening weekends in history,” said New York Magazine’s Kevin Smith. “It’s a shame the fans aren’t in as much of a frenzy as the studios were.”

Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the third chapter in the prequel trilogy, earned $2.8 billion worldwide upon its March 17 debut.

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