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I’m proud that I made my debut as a filmmaker, my first feature documentary film, The Last Day. It was my first feature film and I was still a student of the film industry. I still had my own ideas. I didn’t try to be that producer. And I made a pretty big difference about the film industry. I made it not just my baby. I made it a big film. And it took in some big stars like Leonardo DiCaprio, the most famous face of Hollywood for 20 years.

After that you got into doing a documentary. You had a documentary about the AIDS crisis in Los Angeles.

Yeah, I did that with a filmmaker that I know, a friend of a great friend, Steve Brill, of The New Yorker. I did that, and I’m very proud of it. And then I wrote a movie called Last Day, and I had done that with Steve Brill, and it was my first feature film. I really went into that with that in mind. And I was in Los Angeles a lot for a long time, so, I made that more with my friends, my collaborators.

It is, unfortunately, somewhat of a dark story. What can you tell me about it?

It’s interesting. I’ve told some interesting aspects of my life, but the reason that I make so much of the film is that the idea of it as a biopic made it feel very real and very relatable, in a way. You know, the movie does an in-depth investigation into the life of people with AIDS and how it affects their families and their families’ families.
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I also found it very interesting and it’s a lot of work to put that into a film. I did it, but it took me a long and exhausting time to do it, and it was probably the most work of my entire life. And I was proud of having to put all of that in. I was also very lucky that it was on Netflix, because the whole idea of “it’s out there” became very real. I think as you guys know, there were many people who put this movie on the map in ways that I would not have expected.

So, I was very honored to be in there and that’s what I’m trying to do here.

Yeah, and also to be in the film is just a great experience.

Well, obviously, it was a really interesting process and in those moments of watching the

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