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“It’s hard to figure that out,” she tells me. “I think a person who spends more than a year on a film is probably worth a lot of money.” (That’s the estimate of the writer-director Robert Bresson, for whom Krakowski’s The Tree of Life won the Oscar in 1953.) (I’ve learned that Krakowski has a total deal in place for The Tree of Life, so it’s unlikely that she’s being paid much more than someone like David Niven, who is owed less money.)

We’re now three to four weeks into President Donald Trump’s America. So what now? We’re starting to find out.

As the media continues to focus on the “losing” of the White House, President Trump’s agenda is continuing to move forward. At this week’s Values Voter Summit in Ames, Iowa — where Trump made headlines for his “moral” executive order banning travel from seven predominantly Muslim countries — Trump announced his intention to announce an executive order shortly before his inauguration on the subject of border security.

Speaking to the crowd after the president’s announcement, Fox & Friends said it was “very exciting” to watch the news media focusing on the “losing” of the White House. But Trump’s agenda is proceeding on schedule. This morning, Senate Committee on Homeland Security will hold a hearing on the “risk of unauthorized border crossings by foreign nationals.”

Also on Wednesday, Senate Finance Committee will hold a hearing on “Securing our Nation’s Border” in its third open hearing hearing. It’s been reported that the hearing will include a review of new federal policies pertaining to border security and immigration enforcement. It could have broad implications for the executive order “extreme vetting.”

These developments are indicative of what many are calling an “unprecedented” expansion of Trump’s agenda following his first 100 days.

Just yesterday Trump announced that he wants Congress to make the wall between the United States and Mexico a requirement; a policy which most likely means that Congress would have to approve the funding and construction of the wall. Last December, former Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that the wall could be built by the first three months or so of the new administration.

And as Breitbart published last month, as much as $10 billion, and as large a portion as possible, has been put aside in separate funds to fund the president’s “deportation force” in California that has been heavily criticized as a way to round

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