What is filmmaking course? – Canon 7D Filmmaking Tips And Advice

A film course is a video game of short films designed to teach a filmmaker skills and knowledge from various aspects of filmmaking.

Are you an aspiring filmmaker?

We have been around for almost 13 years and have had the opportunity to offer our courses to numerous individuals across different genres, from those wanting new skills to those looking for a challenge or a new learning opportunity.

How do these courses differ from others?

All our courses are available in English and in Spanish. All courses are divided into multiple subjects in addition to the basics like shooting, cinematography, editing, color correction and more.

Do you offer workshops and workshops to promote new techniques or work your students’ skill?

Our courses are specifically designed to educate our students about the various aspects of filmmaking with an emphasis on cinematography and its importance to both cinematography and filmmaking. All our workshops include a Q&A session where the student can ask questions that they have with our filmmakers that we believe will further the education of the students.
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What are our teaching hours?

Our courses are designed differently on each individual course and are often a 4-6 hour class. This does not include weekends, when most of our courses are taught.

What is your admission price?

The tuition is usually around $3,000 USD but varies for each individual course depending on the program.

How do you know if I have the necessary skills to take your courses?

The most important factor in deciding whether to take one of our courses is to go through the courses and read the descriptions of the topics.

How do you teach?

Our courses are taught by professionals and our instructors are members of some of the most established companies in a wide variety of fields. All our teachers have at least a Master’s in film, television, music, photography, advertising, television production or similar experience.

Does your course teach how to shoot?

No. There is plenty of information online or from other sources, but what we offer is a more structured series of hands-on exercises that teach a lot of the specific skills that filmmakers need to know to make the most of their shooting. We never take a class or workshop that teaches how to ‘get’ what it takes to shoot or how the film camera and lens ‘look’.

Can I take your courses twice?

Yes we recommend it. But, each student needs their own tuition and will need to be in the same city as

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