What is filmmaking course? – Guerilla Filmmaking Handbook Pdf

I’m a director of film for film, and film for filmmaking courses. It’s an immersive training course in directing.

Why would I get this.

You’re interested in taking some professional work, and this course will give you some knowledge and skill that can help you with your career journey.

Where is it available?

It’s available on my Vimeo channel.

Is it going to run over 30 days?

Not exactly, if you sign up early enough then you’ll do more than that in the first days as I have students signing up who have just started in their first day.

What does it cost to pay for my course?

There are three subscription options. You can pay once (which costs $70 per year) or four weeks in advance (for $300) or eight weeks up front (for $1,250). A ten day trial option is £200. The last few weeks are £600.

Is there any information that I should know from signing up?

As there are a lot of different video courses you could do, I’ll give you some tips on some of them, but that’s quite complex to give you specific tips – that’s why I’m just saying that the course is a six-week training course, and there are a huge variety of courses out there. But I’m trying to provide information that’s useful in the right circumstances so you can take it from a beginner to some really great film makers who have done incredible work, rather than just teaching you how to get some film make.

Can I be a student and still use my money?

Absolutely. You can also sign up to my course (by paying) and use your money to help someone else. I also offer the option of the $1,250 course, and the three payment options. There are always people signing up to those.

What do you want me to do?

I want you to take your own professional film making courses. I am very interested in film makers who can make excellent films, but also really want to be filmmakers. It’s a fascinating course and I’m really passionate about film making which is why I’m offering this. This might seem kind of redundant, but I’m hoping it will become a career in itself for a lot of people who take my course.

Are you looking to teach other people?

Definitely. I am always looking to broaden my learning, but

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