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It’s probably time to change up your old watch: It seems like only this year’s fashion accessories were high-end (like the stainless steel and diamonds-encrusted Rolex Daytona and $5999 Casio RZM) but all the rest, even those on the cheap end, had lots of appeal for the 1920s.

The following accessories were widely used during the 1920s:

Bracelet – $5.

Circular watch bands (or “chukka” straps)

Shoes (for men and women) — $1.25. Note: Men’s shoes were not considered fashionable in the 1920s, and women’s shoes remained popular until the beginning of the 1930s — however, after that, they became popular primarily for special occasions.

Choker – $2

Cup – $1.

Hand made “fancy” watch straps – $2


Cigarette lighter – $2

Flowers – $2

Grapes: $2

Grape violets – in various shades – $2

Hats – $2

Hosiery – $1

Tops – a $2

Toques – also made of leather — $1

Underwear and tops – a $1

What was fashionable during the 1920s? The following were considered fashionable in the 1920s:

Wig and eye-lash – $1

Blouse – $1

Blouse tie – $2

Collar – $2

Flat shoes, or leather shoes

Undergarments that covered the bottom (undergarment of all kinds – socks, boxers, stockings, etc.) $4 : Buy PrettyGuide Women's 1920s Vintage ...

Pigtails – black, white and green —

How to shop for 1920s era fashion.

1930 or 1940: How To Shop For 1920s Style.

There were new fashions in the 1920s, but these were mostly associated with the new century and the middle class. This, however, was also the era in which most of the major brands of the period began to transition toward the middle class — they are still popular in today’s fashion sense.

During the 1930s, the following was considered fashionable for the 1920s:




What was fashionable during the

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