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The most popular colors for women at that time were pink, red, gray, violet, and violet-blue. However, men were much more color conscious than women. Some believe that this is due to their love of the movie “Back to the Future.” For a couple couples during the 70s, it might just be that they both liked the color pink. In addition, color matching and color fashions were a main topic of conversation among the couples in our study.
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In the 80s, women had a more relaxed approach, wearing black, white, and green-based clothing. Women were also more likely to show interest in fashion brands, and the colors they wore on a day-to-day basis were generally associated with their fashion interests, such as blue-green and pink.

When it came to the 70s, men’s interest in clothing was in the red-based variety. On average, men wore red in the 70s. Women, on the other hand, were less likely to wear red and more likely to wear black, teal and navy based clothing. The gender differences in the color patterns also remained to a large degree when we looked at the 80s and 90s.

In addition to the color patterns that remained consistently the same, certain colors began to fade from trends while others were more popular. The most popular colors of the 80s continued to be red, gray and gray-green. It should be noted that the trend of wearing red was particularly strong in the Southern states, such as Louisiana and Arkansas, where it was in the 70s. It does seem like there will be further increases in red color styles in the 80s and 90s due to the increasing popularity of blue-green based clothing and colors. However, we are not totally sure what will happen to the trend of wearing red in other regions with strong fashion and beauty trends.

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