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Most people have no doubts about the fact that they can generate electricity from magnetic fields in their own homes or buildings. A magnetic generator converts the energy received by a magnet and converts it to electricity.

But most people don’t know that the electric current generated by the generator comes from the earth itself. Earth and all nature is made up of a huge variety of magnetic fields and there is no real way to tell which one generated the current.

The electric current generated by a magnetic generator is not the same as the current of a transformer or a magnet. A transformer converts the power of a magnet to an electrical current. A magnet does not transform electricity into electricity. The electric current generated by a magnet is the same as a magnetic field that is generated by the earth as a whole.

How does the current from a magnet travel from one place to another?

Most people have heard that a magnetic generator converts the electric current in a house to electricity. But this seems wrong: an electric current is created from a magnetic field that consists of the same properties as the magnet and the electricity does not come from the earth.

If you wanted an electric field that would allow electricity to flow from a single place, you would need to place a large number of magnetic magnets in close proximity to each other. This would create such a strong magnetic field that electricity couldn’t flow.

Instead of using a magnetic generator to create electricity, the electric current is generated by a power transformer that converts the current from the magnetic field to an electrical current. The transformer is made from a special alloy which has a lower density than the magnet material. The magnetic fields are reduced by an order of magnitude compared to what would be in an iron matrix.

How does a magnet create electricity?
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When a magnet is placed close to an earth-based generator, it attracts the generator’s magnetic force. The force is generated by the strength of the attractive force and the magnetic field produced by the magnet is the same as if it were directly in proximity to the generator itself.

This magnetic force then attracts the electric field of the earth-based generator in its vicinity. As the attraction between the earth and the generator is stronger than the attractive force between the generators, the field is attracted in a direction that is complementary to that of the generator.

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