What is free energy device with magnet? – Tesla Free Energy Generator Antennae

A magnetless device, such as a battery or a rotary disc radio or even an old-fashioned motor, is free energy device with magnet. Magnetless devices are only able to convert electrical energy into magnetic fields. In these types of devices no energy is lost in the process. It’s all about momentum, a form of energy the movement of energy produces.

How to change the state of free energy device with magnet?

To change the state of the free energy device with magnet, simply connect some wires or plates to various magnet-producing electrodes. Then follow the instructions below to change the state.

1. Connect to the power source, such as a battery

2. Turn on the machine

3. Start to connect wire or plates to wires or plates; the movement of energy will make electricity be produced

4. Push the switch

5. When switch is closed, the whole system will become magnetic

5. When switch is closed, magnetic field will become stronger

10. If the switch is not closed, and the circuit is still on, the magnetic field can be changed without having to touch the machine.

Why you can put some kind of equipment on the magnetic field lines of free energy device with magnet?

1. The movement of the machinery on the field lines of free energy device will make electricity be generated by the whole machine. It’s a matter of balance and this equipment and its power will be in the free energy device with magnet.

2. It’s a good solution to change a magnetic field line from one place to another quickly because it will change the magnetic field in the field lines from one point to another quicker. Moreover, you can change the field lines more quickly if a magnet is attached.

You can use the magnetic field energy to make small changes in the structure of free energy device with magnet. The most important purpose of magnetic field is to make magnetic field line strong with the moving of the energy field.

In addition, it could be easy to use these magnetless circuits as a source of electricity.

Why you need a magnetless power source?

If there is no magnetic field around, any electrical current will be generated in the same magnetic field.

If the electricity goes too deep, the magnetic field could be disturbed, which could weaken the structure of magnetic field. So it’s best to find free electric energy in a place that has strong magnetic field. Also, you could also

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