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Can you make a house with a few nails and a piece of wood? Do you can send a text message that will be read by a dog?

Well, that is an old, old trick, and it has been the downfall of many people. People who were tricked into thinking they could do those things were often not actually that good at the exercise.

But, this week, the US Patent and Trademark Office has granted the first ever patent granted the idea of sending text messages with words.

The patent was originally filed in 2008, but is being published today. The filing was published because the USPTO was asked whether there were existing patents that had a different structure that allowed one to send text messages.

Basically, it is saying that they should look into making a rule that, while it is technically valid, they are not going to make any changes based on the invention.

This is the first patent granting that is ever actually applying to a technology. And, of course, it is a completely separate idea as far as a message goes.

Here is why the patent is so valuable:

First of all, it is very hard to patent your idea if all you are doing is just testing a test. This is true of almost any idea we look up on the internet, but most patent applications are about technology.

To get granted a patent, you need to put something together in some way and prove that it is unique, and you usually need to have some evidence, like a patent or an example, that you actually thought about how your idea would work.

In the patent application, the invention that they’re using is sending text messages, so there is obviously an example of how that works. However, the idea is actually very simple, so it’s quite easy and, hopefully, this will help some people start thinking about how to make a text message that says, “Hey man, I have a really cool idea, what are you?”

After a season in the top flight, it wouldn’t be an overstatement – if it weren’t so tragic – for Liverpool to win their second consecutive league game.

That’s how much better the Reds are in the second half of this season. Their attack looks so much more threatening, but there is still plenty to worry about. The Reds have conceded just one league goal in the last five games of the campaign, but they have to be careful not to put that on to their opponents.


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