How can I make a battery? – Free Energy Generator Project Ppt

The battery is made by soaking a glass of water in an earthenware pot and slowly heating until it reaches the boiling point of water. This temperature must not be higher than 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

When the water boils, the battery will begin to melt. While the water is still hot and the glass is still boiling, use a wooden spoon to mix the alcohol with the pot’s contents to evaporate any remaining water out of the water. If you haven’t had any problems with water, use a plastic container to filter any remaining scum from the water mixture.

The resulting liquid is a clean, clear solution with all the ingredients except alcohol evaporated from water. The alcohol is used to make an earthenware battery called an Earthenite battery, and will last about six months or longer while it’s being stored in the refrigerator. When it has been stored in this manner, we recommend freezing it to prevent it from freezing to powder. There is a strong acid component which can cause the Earthenite battery to crack when frozen, however this should be limited to very, very small amounts.

Why don’t you leave your cells in a plastic bag?

We believe that having the batteries in clear plastic bags (or even with a little glue on them) is much more convenient for storage. This helps you keep the batteries separated from the other plastics. Plastic bags are just too small for batteries and can trap the liquid in between.

Can you replace batteries?

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Due to the risk of damage caused by oxidation, a battery should only be replaced by a licensed battery technician. We do not recommend filling a battery with lithium batteries, as it will likely cause electrolyte contamination.

What if I want to buy replacement cells to make new batteries?

If the original cell is very old and is still able to function, we will gladly do this. Otherwise, it might be wise to sell your cells to another hobby store for replacement of the batteries.

Can I order batteries without the glass?

We are not accepting new orders at this time, especially for new batteries. However, you can still contact us for a new battery kit.

How can I store my Earthenite battery without destroying it?

We recommend that you store the batteries as you would any other items in your home. Make sure that you turn off all the lights, keep your doors and windows shut, and make sure that your cell is well ventilated.

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