What is a free energy device? – Free Energy Device With Magnet Theory

In modern technology, the concept of free energy is a very simple concept. In this context, the word “energy” can be understood as the ability to “breathe” and create electricity. The way humans produce energy can be understood as a mixture of a heat source, a source of pure energy, a gas stream, and mechanical or electrical energy.

Free energy device is a type of free energy which combines the use of a heat source with the use of a gas stream. A free energy device can be a generator or a battery.


The most basic benefit of free energy devices are their high efficiency and versatility which can enable you to produce heat without consuming unnecessary amounts of fuel!

A free energy device can increase your power output and can reduce emissions.

How are free energy devices different from regular engines?

Free energy devices do not require fuel. These machines produce free energy by creating their own heat.

How do free energy technology devices compare to conventional engines?

Most free energy devices are not produced with combustion engines but with energy storage systems, known as batteries, which store electric power, in a form that can be used when you need it, when the power source is unavailable.

What can a free energy device make happen for me?

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