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The most effective and quick way to get energy is to learn to draw in the correct amount. The more you draw the shorter your interval (the longer the interval, the more calories you require). And if you have the strength to get the energy out as long as possible you won’t need the longer interval.

We can use an analogy to explain a little more. Imagine you have a big block of concrete that is about 20′ long and has two sides with a diameter of 10″ or so. The top of the block is smooth and there is no reason for your muscles to have to move at a specific rate. You can draw a 10′ long segment or “step” in the center of the block. If you’re strong enough to move those first few inches your whole body will have moved at that very same rate. But it doesn’t take long to find that block has lost its edge and is now about half an inch thick. So you can draw another 10′ long segment that has a diameter of 8″ or so. This time you won’t need to move at all and your body is more likely to get energy at the rate.

This is all very simple and easy to remember. But how many of us have been tempted to use it all the time?

If you’ve practiced the “dick-pull” exercise (pulling your dick closer to your mouth to get more food into your stomach), you know that this method has many more calories than simply drinking a small glass of water and eating a small sandwich. You’re using muscles that weren’t originally designed to do what you’re doing, you have extra work to do, and the only thing holding your dick in place is your will.

So for the vast majority of people who use the “dick-pull” exercise we would never recommend using it as your primary method of calories burned. That’s because the only muscle that needs to move at a fast pace is the “joint.” The rest can do most of the work, and not too much. As long as you have good joints you will do better with your calories burned if you use the “dick-pull.”

If you still have all of your joints working at 100% then even if you use “dick-pull” the benefits of using it will probably outweigh the negatives. With your joints pumping out calories you can use the “dick-pull” as your primary method to burn fat, and that will be a big plus.

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