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“The average current for a magnetic needle is 0.5 ohms, i.e., it is very unlikely to be much more than 1 milliwatt. The mean current of a magnet is approximately 14 milliwatts.”

What is magnetism?

“Magnetism is the tendency of solid objects, including the Earth’s magnetic field, to attract other objects in their direction.”

Why are there magnetic north and south poles?

“North and south are not determined by the earth’s magnetic field; the earth’s magnetic field is not a coordinate system, but rather is a collection of magnetic poles. The three magnets on Earth are in opposite directions from each other.”

How do magnets move?

“When electricity (in the form of magnetism) moves in a magnetic field, any part that is attracted to one of the poles of the magnetic field will move. This is done because a magnet does not have two poles, it has one pole and two magnets.”

Do magnets have electrical properties?

“No, they are purely inert.”
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When do magnets lose their attractive force?

“Magnetism is the attraction that has a change in value every so many degrees.”

Is a magnetic flux greater or lesser than that of a non-magnetic substance?

“We cannot directly measure the magnetic flux of solids or liquids.”

What are the magnetic properties of solids?

“The magnetic conductivity of any solid is determined by surface area and weight. The magnetic properties of liquids and gases may be quantified by methods which are both more accurate and more sensitive.”

What is the magnetic relationship between the density of a substance and the magnetic force?

“The density of a solid determines the magnetic field of the object.”

How is the field related to the magnetic susceptibility of the object?

“A unitary magnetic field can be described by

where n is the relative strength of each of the magnetic poles, B is the magnetic permeability of the substance, k is the magnetic susceptibility of the substance,

and D is the magnetic permeability of water.”

Which factors can determine the magnetic susceptibility of a material?

“The density of the substance, as expressed by volume, must be the most significant factor to determine the magnetic susceptibility of any substance.”

What are the main types of magnetic materials that may be used in electrical circuits?

“Most electrical

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