How can you make a magnet?

You don’t need an actual magnet. The main thing you are doing, is simply making a sphere made up of metal. It’s really easy to make, you just have some metal scraps. You will need to soak some of the metal scrap in a bit of water, then put in the magnet. Then, you will need to take a piece of metal and stick it to one end of the magnet. The magnet will then be made from the metal that is placed in between the magnet and the other end. Don’t worry, it will still work just fine, it will just come out. That’s an easy one to do. It’s just one step away from making something that is a magnet…

To make the metal that you need, use some sand or fine grit sand paper. I use it every time to make magnets or anything that needs to be magnetized. It’s going to be more than enough! It’s going to do the job and not do you any harm. You can also use a metal wire. But, if you are putting a magnet on a long piece of wire, it’s more difficult to make the wire.

Step 1: Grab the metal scrap

Put the metal scrap into a paper bag in your hands. Start working just like before, but make sure the metal scrap is wet. Don’t worry about being able to make anything smooth, as you will be putting it in there very soon.

When you start putting your metal scrap into the bag, be sure that you have a good, thick piece of paper underneath the magnet. This will help you keep the magnet away from any stray pieces that might happen.

Step 2: Take a piece of wire

You now have a perfect sphere made out of metal. With the piece of wire in the bag, make sure to stick it to the other end of the magnet. This will keep it firmly in place, as you start getting it in there. Don’t worry about having any stray pieces of wire inside your sphere.

Step 3: Take a ball of water

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Take some of the metal scrap and use it as your source of liquid. You don’t have to do anything. Just use that metal piece for what it was designed to do. In this case, the metal will be an ideal place for the wire to attach. You will need to work from one side of the magnet to the other, or you might just stick to something else. Either way, place this ball of water