How did Tesla’s free energy work? – Enzyme Free Energy Equation Aleks Syntek

If you take energy as a resource, how could Tesla do what he did and have a more accurate system?

The problem is the way Tesla calculated the energy. If you look at his energy model for his Model S, and Tesla had to estimate how much electric power he expected, then he took that energy and divided it by the mass of the Model S.

He then used his math to determine how much energy the energy was worth, and then multiplied that by how many people had an S.

If you looked at this math (including the mass of the EV and the mass of the population to be transported when it is used), you would arrive at the energy value by multiplying the electric energy by the mass of the Model S, and then by the mass of electric cars.

He was also off by a factor of 1,000 in terms of making the numbers work. When Tesla was estimating electric consumption, it was about 150 million miles per year. If he made the math work that way, it would have taken about 100 years—10,000 years—to get a more accurate system.

Now, we can see why the Model S was not the right system.

Why not buy an expensive Tesla Roadster when your electricity rate increases? They are designed to be charged wirelessly, like a car.

This is not a situation Tesla could have anticipated. If you could get it, you could have gotten it on that first year. But this wasn’t an easy system to design, and it was not a simple energy system to calculate correctly.

Is Tesla’s free energy solution not enough?

This idea is not a foolproof solution to the energy problem. He has one, and that’s a problem. But a simpler system would be better than an expensive system.

The best system would be a system based on batteries. A battery would last much longer than an EV. The battery would store energy. You would not be driving a car, so you wouldn’t even pay for electricity. Just charge the battery at a fast rate in a fast way. It would work like a car.

It may seem odd. I’ll explain why later, but Tesla said that it was better than having an expensive Tesla Roadster.
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Where did the idea come from? Tesla was inspired by people who are working to make electricity more sustainable. The company Tesla Motors started after the original Roadster was made in the 1950s, after many years of effort

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