How can I generate electricity at home for free? – Free Energy Motor

1. Find free generators online.

Check your area for a list of free generators you can find.

2. Set your home’s temperature to 85 degrees so that a single battery will run the generator all day.

3. Purchase the cheapest electric car you can afford and take it to the generator to recharge the batteries to your home’s temperature, using natural gas in your neighborhood.

4. Purchase your preferred solar panel at least 10′ out of your living room. This will allow the generator to recharge on a daily basis.

5. Plug in and follow the instructions provided.

6. If your home’s current energy use is over 60%, you may need to purchase a new gas or plug-in hybrid car.

How do I get the electricity to my house for free?

1. Find your nearest home batteries. Most are in your garage or next to your neighbor’s yard.

2. Set the battery to be charged from natural gas or other sources. Gas has the highest heat energy efficiency of the energy types, but will use much less gas than electricity, usually about 3-4 watts.

3. Use a generator you can operate by yourself. There are many online generator websites to help you choose one.

4. Install your solar panels and begin to take advantage of the local power.

5. If your power usage is more than 40%, visit your local power company to purchase a supplemental rate package, so that you can get the electricity even if your service provider cuts your electricity.

6. Turn off and reconnect the service. You’ll lose the excess energy, so if you are not happy with the results, don’t do it!

7. Install a water meter to make sure the excess electricity is being used to water the plants you planted, instead.

8. If you want to keep the excess electricity flowing, you can buy energy efficient LED light bulbs, which are cheaper than incandescent lights.

Can electricity for free be generated in my home at all times?

No. Electricity can only be generated at home or during peak hours, and the local utility power company or electric company needs to install a meter to ensure that no extra energy is being generated.

What is a solar panel and how can I install my own?

Solar panels are designed to work with electric cars. If you are considering getting a solar panel, find one that has a built-in

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