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Generator software is typically written in C or C++ but can be written in other programming languages, such as PHP in PHP is an example, and may be written in Java, C or other languages with proper language support. The only requirement is that the code has to be portable across platforms, and should operate in a way which is reasonably safe. The generator code itself should be able to operate, as best as possible, on any platform, in any language. For example, generators should be able to generate code which can produce code for any platform.

How do I know if I have a generator?

Make sure you have a good idea of what the program is doing in all its details. Then consider the generator’s design, or the platform it needs to run on, both if your generator isn’t already available.

For example consider a simple program:

generate([1 2 3])

This program has four conditions, and generates four different output types, each depending on the type of the input you give it. How does one know that this particular program can do what it’s supposed to do? Can the compiler produce the same code?

A “generator”, as the term is used here, is software that has special requirements. It shouldn’t be too complex. It should generate code that can operate within a reasonable timeframe. You could include it in an application, or use the generator for data or for data generation.

If you are looking for a source-level description of your program, the generator will suffice – if it is written well.

How do I make a program which computes something useful and useful?

The most simple program which computes some value, which is useful, is shown here:

//Computes some value that is useful: int func(int) { return 2;}

We have a constant variable x, which can be used to represent any positive value. This will be used as the result.

int func(func arg) { return arg + (2*func(arg+1))*func(arg+2)} //Computes some value which is useful: int func(int arg) { return 2*func(arg + 1)*func(arg + 2)}

If the output of the generator looks useful, something worth doing, then it is probably suitable as a program which computes values useful. You should have checked that before trying to generate code about it.

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