Is it possible create energy? – How To Make Magnet Motor Free Energy

A: As long as you understand the basic concepts, or as long as you are able to create and hold a large amount of energy, any type of fusion process will allow you to create energy.

How to Create Fusion Effectively

A: With my book ‘Fusion Effectively you will not only master the core principles of fusion, but I will also give you the ability to create the fusion and fuse at will.

B: I will demonstrate how to generate, fuse and generate fusion effects in a series of videos, so the students can practice fusion at home, so they can gain the knowledge to create the best fusion effects.

Please Note: If you wish to read the eBook to learn fusion effects and how to create fusion effects, you can click here.

About Fusion Fusion Energy

1. This book is for people who desire to learn how to create the fusion effect. There are several techniques for creating the fusion effect.

2. We will be describing fusion and fusion power techniques by applying them to real world examples. Each technique has been demonstrated within the series of videos to show how to practice the techniques; the video lessons give students the opportunity to practice these techniques at home and learn how to do the exercises quickly.

Fusion Effectively: What You Need to Know to Create the Fusion Effect

1. You must have the ability to hold your hands in a straight line (for a short range of time.) If you do not have the ability to hold your hands straight, you are not going to be able to produce your desired effect.

2. If there is only ONE person in front of YOU (for your desired effect), you are not going to be able to have a long duration of the fusion effect.

(For a longer duration of the effect)

You need at least the following techniques to accomplish:

A. Hold your hands straight.

B. Hold your hands straight for 6-12 seconds.

C. Hold your hands straight for 24 seconds.

(This will allow you to hold 5-20 seconds for a longer-term effect.)

D. Hold your hands straight for 35 seconds

E. Hold your hands straight for 45 seconds.

(This will allow you to hold 10-15 seconds for an enduring effect.)

This will give you 30 seconds to perform the techniques.

2. In order to create this fusion effect, the student will need

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