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After the initial setup time is over, the game can generate a random number called the seed. That first time you run the game, the system will ask you what seed you picked. It will automatically pick that one at that time. It doesn’t know what seeds you have played before, and won’t ask you ever again.

After the second time you run the game, the seed will be used again. This time, it’ll ask for a random seed. This time the system will pick that one. Then it’ll ask for a random seed with an option to seed your game from a list of seed choices.

The most accurate and easy-to-use photo app on your iPhone.

– Easily upload photos you own or find on the web

– Use your camera roll as a personal photo album

– Create albums with albums of photos you take, photos you like, albums of photos you don’t, etc.

– See and share photos and videos with all of your friends – from any location, on the Go, or for sharing with friends in Messages

– Share photos and videos on the go with 3G, 4G, WiFi or WiFi-based networks

– Import other Photos for free and share them on the go

– Reuse the photos saved or imported on your device

– Share your photos and videos with friends, family, and anyone else who’s on your list

– Create your own galleries using photo and video thumbnail galleries, or download albums from the App Store

– Share photo or videos on social networks with a click of a button

“I’m really impressed. It’s a great tool that has made my life a little easier.” – John, San Francisco

“The photo app for photo-taking with iPhone is so very easy. I don’t even have to think about sharing!” – Amy, Houston

“The photo tools are top notch and really the best mobile apps on the iPhone that I’ve tried.” – Daniel, London

With a tap of one button you can easily share photos on any social network, and with a tap of a button you can even view and share a photo. And with the added photo viewer feature of Apple’s Photos app, you can share photos and videos with just one touch on your iPhone.

• Share photos with your friends – including email addresses – using the photo viewer of Apple’s Photos app – a feature you get with free updates of Photo Booth

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