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The difference between delta G and G is defined as:

where dG and g are the dissociation constant. DGC is a product of an intermediate compound and a hydrogen atom. It is an excellent indicator of the relative positions of the two atoms in a compound and is also very useful when determining the concentrations of the other ingredients of the recipe in an attempt to determine how much is made from each in the recipe. DGC in itself cannot predict how many ppm of any ingredient is present in a recipe.

DGC was recently named in the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2016 award list.

DGC can be used as is in the following examples:

Delta G is a good indicator for the amount of potassium that is present when making coffee which is important to consider for how much caffeine is contained in coffee.

Delta G is used to calculate the amount of baking soda dissolved in cold water to be used as the replacement for baking soda in a recipe or water bath. This is used to compensate a loss due to evaporation.

DGC is used to calculate the concentration of other ingredients such as potassium or sodium in the mix. DGC is used instead of a standard GC to compensate for evaporation in a recipe. DGC can also be used to determine the exact amount of ingredient in a recipe which determines the amount of other ingredients it can substitute for.

You can also use it as a secondary analytical probe in a recipe. This will also give you an indication of what the amount of other ingredients actually is in a recipe.

DGC is often used in home brewing recipes to identify which parts of a recipe are not getting heat produced through the mash.

In our recipes of course it is used as a substitute for Sodium Carbonate or Magnesium Sulfate as those are the primary bases of a coffee cup. Using DGC as a substitute for these bases will ensure that the coffee cup is heated up to a higher temperature where it will produce better coffee.

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