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When a car loses some of its power as a result of a sudden drop in air pressure, the car automatically increases power. A flywheel is a kind of generator. It’s the part of your engine that produces power when it spins at high speed. Flywheels produce more power the closer they are to the speed of an arrow. The more efficient your flywheel, the more you can have.

In the automotive industry, a flywheel is sometimes referred to as a supercharger.

How long can the flywheel last?

The longer you can keep a flywheel charged at 100% efficiency, the longer it will last. You don’t want to lose your flywheel too quickly.

Why does the engine lose power faster when the flywheel is not charged?

If you have a flywheel in a conventional engine, power loss happens gradually. With a flywheel, the loss happens suddenly – but on average it’s about 1/3 of a second after power is lost.

How long can the flywheel charge without being fully charged?

The voltage drop between flywheel and battery will drop at a rate about every 6 hours. However, a flywheel does not need to be fully charged completely to start operating. Power still flows when you remove your foot, for example, or when your seat is put in. In your automobile, an automatic brake force can keep the flywheel in its charging configuration for much longer.

What should I do to keep my flywheel charged?

If you are using your automobile with a battery that has an in-charge cap, you can keep it in your car, and take it off once in a while when you do more travelling. Then remove the cap and charge it. If possible, you should use a battery with a good range; you need at least 75% capacity. The batteries can’t be stored in your car, with the exception of a special type of battery built to hold longer than the typical lifetime of the battery.

Can other kinds of batteries work for the same task?

Yes! Use a special kind of high-power battery where the cell voltages are above a certain threshold. The more voltage you create, the longer it will last. You will then have good fuel economy. In many cases, the longer the battery, the richer you can be.

How does an automatic flywheel differ from an automatic fuel pump?

An automatic flywheel is a hybrid system

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