Is free energy possible with magnets? – Flywheel Free Energy Generator Diagram

No. A magnet doesn’t move. This is not an invention, it is an established scientific fact.

If magnets and free energy exist – what do you do with them?

Magnets could be used to control electronics. For instance, they could be used as magnetic switches to control certain applications or to create a magnetic bubble that would stop electrons from flowing through a wall. They could also serve as a backup battery.

How is technology progressing at the moment?

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A lot. The magnetic energy industry is in the process of developing new types of magnetic materials. This allows the manufacturing of high efficiency, inexpensive, small magnet structures on a large scale.

One of the most exciting developments is the development of magnetic nanoparticles and their applications in a range of areas. New areas such as nanosensors, medical devices and industrial applications may all benefit from magnetic nanoparticles. In fact, magnet nanoparticles – like carbon nanotubes – could be used for applications such as solar panels, mobile phone screens and electric car battery components.

Who are some individuals who have an interest in this technology?

In a recent meeting at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ERSF), the European Association for Magnetic Nanogenerators, with the support of the French Ministry of Economy and Finance, has been presented a proposal for a project entitled “Graphene and Magnetization of a Magnet.” It is due to be presented at another meeting of the ESRF in November.

Is there a possibility of using quantum computers to manipulate the magnetic properties of materials?

Quantum computing is a new technology and not yet fully understood. As a preliminary assessment, physicists have found the ability to manipulate magnetic fields in a quantum computer, but at a microscopic level. A quantum computer may be able to perform some basic calculations, such as finding the right answer to a question, but it cannot perform much more than that.

A further question is: can quantum computers be used to manipulate magnets? Many theoretical physicist believe that a quantum computer can, but only by manipulating one of the fundamental building blocks of nature (magnetism) rather than a different one.

The problem of the application of quantum computers to magnets can be solved by using the same methods as computer scientists use to solve other physical problems. For example, quantum computing can be used to improve the performance of a magnetic computer.

A magnetic computer can manipulate particles without changing them, whereas a quantum computer can manipulate states

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