Is free energy possible? – Free Energy Device

Yes, in theory. When you have a superconductor like a diamond a big part is just the heat being transferred to it. The superconductor cannot be heated or cooled, so this process is essentially “free energy” which means it “cannot be used by any physical process”. That’s the key to creating free energy. And it won’t happen, because the energy is being captured at the atomic level and used in the production of a certain kind of energy.

Let’s look at this from the other perspective. I know that when you use 100 watts, your electric current is 100 watts (unless you have some kind of transformer to convert the electric current at the wall into something you can use in an AC form).

Now, when you combine 100,000 watts of electrical current into 100 watts of electric power (100 volts at 24,000 Amps), you get 100,000 watts × 50% (in other words, if you have 4 watts for your current, you have 50 watts × 4 watts = 2 watts and you have to add the heat of the system into the equation).

You can see how, if you add the other factors in, in practice power doesn’t produce energy. But it does produce heat which can be used to heat something or cooled something. The problem with heat is that you can only keep the energy in the form that you want (in other words, you can only keep electricity in your head so long) while you are trying to transfer the heat from the electrical source into the electrical network.

So if energy cannot be converted, what’s left? Heat. The heat is going to be converted into electrons which get pumped back out, and the energy is stored or used again. You can keep that energy to do something else, but for that to happen it has to be converted.

So, the problem is to create a superconductor that is completely free energy as well as heat.

The answer is hydrogen. When you take something very cold, it has no electrical charge – it is simply frozen. If you take it very hot, it has a very high electrical charge – it is a conductor (although if by conductivity is meant the actual ability to transport electricity, a conductor does not carry any electricity). If you take it very hot, it has no electrical potential, so you can never get it hot enough to turn it into free energy. You can’t even get it hot enough to “free energy”, unless it is

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