Is free energy possible with magnets? – Nikola Tesla Free Energy Secret Workbook Templates

Yes. With magnets, the energy is transported to the earth by electromagnetic waves.

A magnetic field of 20 gauss can produce 2,000 watts. The energy produced is enough to power the equivalent of 2,000 square foot residence for a year. This translates to almost 100 times the energy that was generated during an average summer.

It is not an easy process to create electromagnetic waves. Current magnets have very low density and are difficult to build, while the power required to generate the magnetic field is significant, because of the extremely small mass of the magnets. That means more energy must be gathered through electricity and less energy must be produced by electromagnetism. With today’s technology, the energy required to generate a magnet’s magnetic field can be scaled up to provide power to a large room.

You are right. Today’s technology allows us to produce a magnetic field within a room of any size. With today’s technology, we can control magnetism in our spaces even if the area is enclosed by multiple walls. With enough energy and enough magnets, we can create a massive room that can hold a high number of people.

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Two years after the Brexit vote, many in the Welsh have become disillusioned with the political process.

One way of dealing with the alienation is to ask what can still be done to move the country towards a more democratic model of government.

One answer is the formation of a second political party, and a referendum on whether to hold one.

This is the plan of the two leading figures behind Wales for Change – the movement that led David Owen and David Morris to lead the Welsh Liberal Democrats in the UK general election.

They want to create a Welsh Government in Wales, on the lines of Britain’s Northern Ireland and Scotland. This approach aims to reverse the trend of decline, decline and recovery seen in Wales since 2007/8, when then prime minister David Cameron made a controversial promise to take Wales into a United Kingdom.

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“The reality is there is a real feeling across Wales that what Wales has done to itself since 2007 is not working,” says Morris. “What that means to us is that we need to get more political support.”

In Wales it has meant a strong Labour Party. With this in mind, an alternative party is proposed.

And it starts with the promise of a referendum on Wales becoming a UK Member of the European Union.

What would a referendum mean?

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