Is free energy possible Tesla? – Equation Relating Gibbs Free Energy And Equilibrium Constant

The answer is yes—but not at the speed of light. A physicist named Richard Feynman once asked a young physicist out on a date—and ended up buying two dozen “atomic clocks.” The idea might sound a bit geeky to you, but these were the days before computers or calculators. They required that you hold down a button for a period of time, just like an atomic clock. And they were the first time-keeping devices that could use electricity instead of time. For one day or night, a device on a table in the professor’s office would display a line of time—for a second—and a small switch on the wall would turn the lights on. No matter what you said, though, you knew you had a finite window of time. You couldn’t tell exactly when a future event would occur.

But Feynman realized that the system could be made to work in reverse. Imagine being on the same subway car or street as a person whose timepiece could tell them exactly when they’d finished working. Or imagine being with strangers while the latter were out and about—and suddenly having a friend come up to you and say, “Hey, the light goes on!” This idea for a time-stamp-based smart clock was named Feynman’s machine.

Today, we have both a lot of information about the world around us and, thanks to the power of technology, many more options to select from. When we want to make a leap of faith in anything—to believe something, to create or to experiment with something—we must sometimes take an leap of faith in our own minds. But the time to do this is earlier in life, when our minds and hearts are formed—not when the data is stored—in the form of memories or ideas. We’re better off using our knowledge and experience early in life than later, when the information is stored less firmly.
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To take advantage of this, we must keep coming back to our first experience of thinking critically about things in all their diversity. How can we come to a more rigorous understanding of a subject? How can we find a way to engage deeply with one thing but not another? And ultimately, how can we come to grips with the truth, whatever it is, and not let it destroy us?

Think like a thinker and you can come to a world of profound understanding: Thinking in this way can lead you to find ways to make better and more powerful conclusions about your own ideas, about other

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