What is a free energy device? – Helmholtz Free Energy Equation Folded

A device, sometimes called a “free” or “diverted” or “inverted” power source, contains only free electrons and has no net electric charge to draw energy from. Free energy sources can be found in many types of gadgets, even when you plug them in directly–a car or boat, for example. Free energy gadgets may be the equivalent of a solar lantern that you use to power a cellphone. There are two basic types of devices. A conventional free energy device is a device that consists of a small, flat sheet of electrically insulating material called an insulator. Free energy sources come in two flavors. Some devices are a very fine mesh of pure gold, silver or copper wire. These materials have a very high number of free electrons. These machines are known as very fine free energy devices (VFO). Because they have no net electric charge, they have the potential to be converted into electrical energy whenever an applied electrical current is applied and it has no net electric charge. Other devices, which have a net electrical charge, are known as free energy devices (FDO). They may also have a very fine mesh of pure gold, silver or copper wire. A VFO might be used to make a lightbulb that will go on and off as a button, or to power a radio at a range of a mile or more. (An FDO in an ordinary household appliance will not work well, however, because there is no net electric conductivity.)

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A free energy device also includes a transformer, which is a device that can transform the energy into electrical energy. The energy could be used in a refrigerator, for example, or converted into alternating current electricity for a home power plant. For example, a free energy generator converts the amount of sunshine available each year into a relatively large amount of electrical energy.

It is important that you never think of a VFO as just any old device–even a VFO used in a traditional household appliance may be a VFO. Just as a VFO can be a VFO and be used to power an electric appliance, a VFO on a traditional electrical circuit can be a VFO and be used to power appliances. If you think only of a VFO as either a VFO used in a household appliance or a VFO used in a consumer device, you will be neglecting or ignoring an important difference between free energy devices and VFOs.

The term “free” (or “diverted” or “inverted”)

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