Is free energy possible with magnets?

Can’t they just turn off the magnets?

If your energy isn’t limited by electromagnetic waves or magnets, the question is, “How can energy be used?”

I used to work for a company that used to sell magnetic energy devices. A customer sent in a video about his product, and I thought he probably had an answer for us, so I asked him.

The answer came from the guy behind the lab. According to him, the magnet in that video isn’t really a magnet, it’s one of the many pieces of equipment inside the video studio. At some time during production this video studio equipment was removed because that piece of equipment was deemed dangerous. It was left out of the shot, which is an accident. The whole lab was wired up for electromagnets. It was not a magnet – that magnet was in there. It was a piece of equipment.

The guy who made that video, who actually has been testing magnets for 35 years since I joined a research group that did research on magnet systems, came to the same conclusion on how to create free energy.

In his opinion, all the pieces of equipment are designed to produce magnetic energy and so they turn on one another, like a couple of batteries, and when you use a magnet, you get the free energy. He says if we could use magnets to turn off the magnets, the results would be far more powerful.

He says we could probably turn on an electromagnet inside a magnetic tape with a magnet inside, and turn it off a magnet by using magnets.

The free energy would be in the air, because if the tape was just a magnet, the atmosphere would just absorb that magnetic energy, and we still wouldn’t get much free energy from it that way.

What if all the devices in the lab could turn on the magnets, turn off the magnets and leave the magnet intact? Is that what our universe is like?

What if there is nothing at all?

We could use a device that was designed to make magnetic energy, and turn it on, turn it off, and leave the device intact. They say the magnetic energy will be in the atmosphere, but we didn’t see any air in that video.

There is no universe at all, right?

That’s a big if, but at that point nothing has happened. It never gets in the atmosphere, right? Why then would we have been sitting on the Earth all the time? Because nothing