Who created free energy?

If you want to take away the myth that oil, coal, nuclear power, hydro, and solar power are somehow necessary for us to get out of our current predicament, don’t ask me. I will never argue against what my father and grandfather did when asked. I will never say that I will never tell my grandchildren to “do something”. In a speech in San Francisco in April, I called for the world to start creating “green jobs” through clean energy, energy efficiency, and electric vehicles.

When I do speak out, I am not afraid to talk about how energy development harms communities and the environment. When I do speak out, I am not afraid to call out the people in my home state of Minnesota who have proposed a state tax on solar panels and wind turbines. When I do speak out, I am not afraid to criticize the coal industry when it is producing climate-changing coal tar bituminous coal-laced coal tar slurry in the eastern part of the country. I am not afraid to tell women that I don’t believe that there is any reason to have a fetus have ever been born in a room in a house in my home state of Minnesota. When I do speak out, I am not afraid of calling out the fossil fuel corporations that fund anti-public education organizations to smear anyone who questions the reality of climate change. I am not afraid to tell the United Nations in Geneva today that they must immediately end their business as usual and stop their disastrous attempts to engineer a climate disaster on an accelerating planet. I am not afraid to tell my grandchildren, “we have choices” – if you have a choice, do it today. For some people who are concerned about what will be our future, I am not afraid to tell them that we should just go to sleep and never wake up in the morning.

There is so much more to the way things are now than what I have spoken about today. It is true that fossil fuel power plants have long been generating carbon pollution, and that the climate is still not stable and secure enough. If that is the case there are plenty of safe and viable forms of energy that we could have available, from solar and wind to nuclear and wind. But that only tells us how much of our current predicament is due to human activity.

The alternative energy sources that will not create the problems that fossil fuels will, have already begun to be created. They are the wind and the solar and even the biofueled vehicles already on the road. The