What does Delta H RXN mean?

The name Delta H RXN means “the first ship in the line”, the first ship built from the ground up, the first vessel built in the new Delta H hull design, and the first ship to be launched aboard Delta H. It is used in a variety of ways in the novel and other works in the Delta Rising trilogy. In an important role in Delta Rising, and the novelization version of the game, the Delta Hs are a family of starships that were all the same model but with different colors, which allows for multiple possible ship classes. All Delta Hs carry a Delta H Shield.

This is also the name of the ship that was used as the Delta Flyer (D-H Flyer in the books) in both the movie version and the television show. Also the name of the first Delta H to appear in several canon novels or games, the USS Rachni.


Drones and vessels

The primary target of Delta H’s has been the Borg Cube and the Borg warship. Since they were both created by the Borg, they are both capable of producing an effective amount of damage upon being hit.

The Borg have the right of way to all ships in the area due to Delta H’s shields.

As a result of being hit by such a ship, Delta H’s main damage-dissipating power source is replaced with a warp surge.
Gibbs free energy change during bubble nucleation. The surface ...

In the game, the Borg have been attacking Delta Hs.

In an audio commentary for the game, Chris Butcher, lead programmer for the DS9 game, stated that, when dealing with Borg ships, Delta H’s shields should not be fully depleted. According to him, “It’s possible to take several hits from an active Borg ship.”


Delta H has also encountered multiple enemy fleets, like the KDF, the Dominion, the Klingon Empire, and the Cardassians. After being attacked in its own home star system, Delta H was then attacked by the Federation and Starfleet, who were all using Federation ships on an assignment. Delta H was then attacked by the Alliance to Restore the Republic in the Neutral Zone, along with the Cardassians and Romulans who were both trying to stop the Cardassian expansion. It was then attacked and destroyed by the Romulans.


For details about Delta H’s origin, see History.


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