Why is free energy Impossible?

The very nature of the Universe says it’s impossible unless God is all-powerful, and God is so incredibly powerful (i.e., infinitely powerful) that he can accomplish anything, and that’s why free energy cannot be, never will be, or ever could be. So, to make free energy possible, God must be able to create “energy” by means of God’s hand, and the energy must be something he created, eternally, free of charge. If so, God’s creation of free energy would be more like the creation of matter and atoms: He’s literally creating everything from a void, and no matter how many people you talk to, no matter how many theories you read, no matter how much you pray, it’s impossible to imagine the amount of energy required to create matter out of nothing.

So, how can free energy be produced from empty space?

There are three primary ways in which we can understand how to create a particle by energy release, and these are (a) from vacuum energy release, (b) from a magnetic field, and (c) from an electromagnetic field.

Vacuum energy release – There are many types of vacuum energy released throughout the universe. In the universe’s early days, cosmic radiation fell onto the Earth via cosmic rays. The result was the formation of hydrogen from the gas in our oceans and air. As the matter, hydrogen eventually became the building block of the stars. If you look at the hydrogen on Earth – the Sun, the planets and the moons of other planets, the atmosphere of the entire solar system, etc. you’ll see the Sun’s atmosphere is made of hydrogen, and so its atmosphere is made of hydrogen. When you touch a piece of water or air, you can feel it being blown apart by its own heat. This is the nature of vacuum energy energy release; and the energy will immediately be released to vaporize whatever is surrounding that piece of empty space.

Magnetic field – Magnetic fields are created naturally in the universe. These fields create an electric current in the air around a person from the slightest of perturbations. These are like “sugar cubes” – the sugar is the magnetic field, and the perturbations are tiny changes in magnetic field produced by the magnet itself. The atoms within this field will start to heat up as a result of the perturbation. It is similar to the “sugar cubes” effect on ice, in that there is a small perturbation.