What is free energy device?

This project is called “Unite Energy”, which means “Unite Energy, Energy for All”. It will be a global initiative aiming to generate 50 Million free energy devices. In my own opinion, it will make a major contribution to global efforts in the field of renewable energy technologies.

More specifically, the project will provide high quality, energy-efficient energy products, which you can use at home, in public places and businesses. This includes home energy generators, power banks, solar panels and heaters, solar air-con and a variety of other devices that help you to produce free energy.

Free Energy Generator by Bogdan Popescu - issuu
You will be able to buy these devices locally, or from a global chain of retailers. This allows the customers to use these free energy products at home and in public spaces.

How can I help?

The projects will be funded by the Community Energy Fund. This fund, developed by the Community Energy Network in the Netherlands, aims towards providing access to renewable energy to more than 10 million people in developing countries.

You will choose the type of device you want. To start with, you will select from a range of options for your energy-generator.

What is the cost?

It depends on the number and quality of devices you want, as well on shipping costs.

Why is my device not functional?

Please send me an email if you have experienced any failure on your device.

How do I pay for the device to be produced?

You will pay shipping costs.

Why is my device not ready yet?

Please send me an email if you are experiencing any problems with your device.

If you have more questions, we can do the following:

We can send you a technical support plan if you have any concern about your design or the quality of your devices. You need to provide us with your email and a picture of what you received from an authorized dealer. The manufacturer will contact with technical support and answer questions about how your device works and how to make it even better.

Our Support Teams are dedicated to solving your problems during the project, and can help you with all aspects of production, including delivery of devices.

Our Services

There are two methods of receiving a support call.

1: Technical Support: You can contact our Support Team via phone number +32 11 39 4100.

2: Technical Support Service: You need to call us at +32 11 39 55