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You. You know better. You are the ones most likely to get it done.”

I just had to put one more picture here, and the subject matter is perfect. A photo of a young teen girl in a hospital bed with her face down in her hospital bed pillow, looking up at her husband is just too cute to bear. So today I just took her photo, placed this over it as my caption and sent it to him that I sent the photo to, which I figured was the best way to let him read about the photo as well so he didn’t have to do the work.

I found her, I was in Florida, I believe she was 16 or 17, so I don’t know, she’s in a hospital I think? But she isn’t in very good health. She’s been there since October last year.

I got to know her recently while I was helping her with a couple of studies and her parents started helping us out so they could move her, and in the meantime she got the flu from the flu vaccination, which did help, but she still had this really bad cold, and she did get very, very sick and wasn’t able to take any of the study, and in the meantime is just stuck in her hospital bed, and the photo I found is of her in the hospital bed that she is with her dad at the very end of the picture, and it’s one of the most amazing moments I know, and I’m so, so glad to have helped her in any way I can, because I know they’re always praying for her just like me. They are and they’ve been for years, and we just hope her body will take it. I just hope, really hope, that her body will go and she can be in a home and be with her mom and dad again and be able to go to school and get her schooling she needs, and we just pray for her.
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Thanks for all of your support and love, and thank you for standing by her, especially the one who came up last night to ask me for the picture because I don’t remember that woman. I’m pretty sure I have forgotten her.

I love you,

P.S. She’s in a hospital bed, not quite in one of the ones I’ve shown you, but closer. What I’m going to do is take your picture and put it behind the picture, so you can still see the whole thing:

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