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The answer, of course, depends on when you consider them or when you look in the dictionary.

As more and more people are finding out, electric cars are not just cars that can go 100 miles an hour, they are the future, a new age in mobility.

“Electric cars are electric vehicles for the 21st century in every respect. They will do it in any direction you want to go,” said Steve Johnson, Tesla CEO and Co-Founder in a press statement. “Tesla’s battery cell density, efficiency, range, and cost remain the key differentiators that separate the electric cars from the hybrids.”

So what’s an electric car to do if it gets hit by a bus?

First of all, electric vehicles can handle a good amount of speed. They’re also very well engineered, so they can survive almost anything. They will also continue to have a long lifetime, unlike hybrids, which can run for several hundred thousand miles if cared for properly.
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Tesla CEO Elon Musk is certainly taking the challenge head on by investing the billions of dollars he’s made in the company to push for the future of electric vehicles. In a statement on a Tesla Roadster with an electric motor, he said, “We need to improve every other aspect of our cars with every vehicle.” He’s already started to see the difference.

At the same time, the electric car market is not yet fully mature. Tesla is one of the three biggest automakers in the United States and is trying to compete head-on with other automakers like General Motors (GM) and Ford (F). These automakers have invested heavily in the battery technology, but the market is still not quite in it’s infancy.

The fact that consumers are choosing electric vehicles means that Tesla is in full-on battle mode with the rest of the industry. With over 500,000 vehicles delivered so far, the automaker must continue to grow production and increase production capacity.

Tesla has made a very aggressive push into the consumer market, with the Model S coming in at over $70,000 when it launched in 2012. In the past year, the company has opened new stores and increased its production volume significantly.

For the past couple of months, Tesla Motors Inc has launched a wide range of electric vehicles, such as the Model S and Model X, the Model 3 SUV, and the Model Y family of all-electric vehicles, all of which are priced under the $35,000 range.


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