Who is better Tesla or Edison?

The jury is still out but both Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are the big winners.

How would you be better as President?

There is just one thing I haven’t touched on yet but I will tell you what I wish had been done when they asked my brain to build this car. I’d have loved to have made the same phone call that Tesla would have made.

“We need to show that Elon Musk is not just a guy who invented the Model S…he changed the world!”

That is what I would have said to the engineers who asked my brain how they would use this car. They should have had my call. And what I would have said is not “We’ll build the future of the auto industry at Tesla.”


I’d have said that they should “We’ll invent the future of the auto industry at Tesla.”

That’s right! That’s why Tesla would have invented the world of electric cars and electric trucks. Because they are the best company to make cars that can be improved and made better all at once.

But I have not found the perfect company. I have found the company with the greatest chance of doing what Tesla should have been doing – inventing the future of electric cars!

And that company is…

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