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What is your goal for the future? What is the best way to stay motivated?

What should I study and how? What should I do if I miss a lesson?

What is the best guitar book (which you’ve been listening to recently) and which is your favorite?

Best guitar practice routine. What does it mean to practice well?

The most important lesson you can teach someone?

Favorite guitar lesson, album or movie. What are your favorite bands and bands/songs?

The best songs and stories from artists you respect the most. Why?

What’s wrong with the current guitar scene? Any tips for it to get better?

What’s your favorite guitar solo?

What’s the funniest fact about you?

Favorite book or other music (for you to read/listen to).

Favorite band (for you to be on).

You have a bunch of questions about music and all of them are good questions! In fact, the ones I’m answering aren’t completely off limits…

When a baby dies — or when a family asks you to take over the care of a sick child — it’s very easy to get wrapped up in the business of saving the life of a baby. It’s also one of those rare instances when it’s perfectly fine for a physician to be an atheist and a baby mama to be a God-hater.

This is the situation that brought the doctor and a patient to the doctor’s office in South Miami-Dade on Friday afternoon for an exchange that led to the doctor being suspended and the mother losing custody of the 10-month-old, police said.

[A Florida mom is asking an atheist doctor to help her put her two kids in the day care she loves]

As the Sun Sentinel reported, the doctor, Dr. Thomas D. Nuckols II, a physician’s assistant at Christian Hills Hospital in North Carolina, was in an online discussion group on Reddit and was discussing when he believes he can help save the life of the family’s sick child when “Bethany” suggested he take it to the hospital.

When Nuckols responded that he believes that Bethany may die, she became frustrated with him and started crying while arguing with him and another Reddit user over the situation.

Nuckols was reportedly taken aback that one of his colleagues would become upset over anything, or that a fellow physician would ask to

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