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What if your mother-in-law could play your favorite tunes by herself? And what the heck is the difference between a bass guitar and an electric bass? These are just a few of the hundreds of questions answered on our AskTheClerics


“I used to play acoustic guitar, piano, and acoustic guitar,” says Paul Tompkins, founder of Tompkins Music Festival, which began in the early 1980s. “Now all I do is play percussion. Even when I have a drum set for a gig, I usually just use my right foot.”

Tompkins now plays with a group he calls “The Rites of the Screaming Dead” — a reference to the group from the 1968 song, “The Rites of Anarchy.” The foursome also formed the first all-electric band in America on Halloween.

Here are answers to some of our Frequently Asked Questions about playing instruments.

Q: What is the difference between playing bass and playing guitar and why do some musicians choose one musical instrument over the other?

For many players, playing bass guitar is the natural progression in a player’s musical development. And of course, playing guitar is the easiest of the three. But there are a few other instruments that are easier to learn/learn to play than bass guitar.

The best way to find out about an easier-going instrument for you to learn is to ask an experienced player how they do it. I recommend that you ask bass players who play bass-based genres, such as jazz, rock, and classical. And if you’re a bass player who wants to learn to play the other two more often, consider asking your favorite soloist what instruments get him/her excited to play.

Q: Why can’t I buy a new guitar because my favorite guitar has been broken or just plain worn out?

Unfortunately, many new guitar players find that they simply need one good-looking guitar. As a result, they buy an instrument with all plastic body and all sound holes.

As a bass player, the best way to learn to play electric guitars is to find an instrument capable of producing rich tones without all of the weight and bulk — an electric bass guitar or a bass clarinet or double bass/saxophone.

Q: Are bass-oriented players and pianists less likely to be involved in band and other group life?

It depends on how much you’re looking to play. People are more likely to

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