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Photoshop, although free, has a fairly heavy price-tag (in the US, it’s $6.99 in the UK). For this reason, if you’re not working in a big budget, you might well be tempted to stick to the standard methods. However, if you’re a creative, and are getting started on your career, it’s worth looking at Photoshop’s more advanced editing tools. Here’s what Photoshop’s editing tools can do, and why it’s a lot of fun.

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What’s Photoshop good for?

Photoshop is great for getting a creative edge—if you can write a good word in a style that you like, the software can do the rest. Photoshop also provides tools to help keep your writing neat, and keep it tidy, and keep it in its proper place on your computer screen. With such tools around, there’s really no reason you can’t keep things flowing smoothly, and not get lost (or, like me, go nuts with your work!).

The most common use for Photoshop, though, is to make the edit look more professional, rather than looking like someone had a lot of fun with your original. For example, what I do with some of my clients (some of whom have quite impressive portfolios), is they’ll upload their work, and I’ll do a bit of editing for the client, before submitting it to the client, who has made their work look professional by using a particular design. Then they can use the software to add their photos later, and we can all say (not that I mean that in a good way) “wow, that’s quite creative.” I don’t think it would be good to go further than that.

The downside, however, is if the client doesn’t want any more editing. In that case, I’ll send them an email on how to get rid of the edit and reattach my work. As I said, though, it’s worth it—I have clients who are very satisfied with their work; the point is, you don’t always have to use Photoshop, since Photoshop can be quite good at editing things. That’ll give your work a good kick-start, and make you think differently about your work!

What are some of Photoshop’s advanced editing tools?

In this case, Photoshop’s Advanced Styles tool. (This is an advanced Photoshop editing tool, and may differ from the tools we usually think of as ”

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