Does Google have a photo editing software? – Photo Editing Practice

The answer may surprise you. Sure, they have been doing some sort of photo editing for years. I found this little tool out of Google (here). It is a really nice little tool that allows you to take pictures, choose the angle you want and change the exposure and colour as well as the colour balance. It also allows you to do a “dynamic range” adjustment. This allows you to take a photo of some objects that are slightly blurry (like some cats), and to then make a photo that is slightly brighter and clearer (like the stars that we saw earlier). It looks fairly impressive. I am not going to lie, I do not like these software tools. They tend to distort our perception of the photograph. I like the way that Google Photos lets you choose the photo you want to edit. It lets you decide what your image needs. It allows you to give your photo its own identity.

If you are a real photographer, you probably know how to do this stuff. You know the difference between f/4 and f/5.6 to give yourself a certain focal length, the different colour balance etc. When we do “camera tricks”, we actually go through this same process!

But what happens if you are just trying to understand the photo you took at some point in time?

When I looked at the camera footage from Google Photo, I noticed that there is a lot more in there than my normal camera roll. So what I did was look through all the photos and then I was able to do what I used to do when I was a college student shooting with just my standard camera – that is, I shot a scene from the back. The results are amazing. Take a look at it yourself.

You can check out some more in-depth blog about this by clicking HERE.

But it is not about finding the perfect shot! I also thought I would share with you some of the tips I can remember:

There is one key feature that makes a significant difference between a great photo and a great photo; that is the lens. So if you are in search of perfect, there is no need to do “normal” camera tricks.

If you happen to know your Leica M lens(s), the settings/expertise that they produce in the field are amazing. They are so good that you can really take photos of yourself in the field and not think twice about it, and so it is not hard to capture what it is like to be

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