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A free version of the WLJS editor, WLJS Basic, is included in almost all supported operating systems. This is the version of WLJS you’re most likely to use. You can find additional information about the Free version of WLJS in the WLJS Basic download page.

How do I use my editor?

The WLJS editor is completely self-contained. The code and images are accessible at any time via your web browser. To use the WLJS editor, just type in a text file or choose a picture to edit. In the WLJS Basic, or Free, version you’re most likely to use the WLJS image editor, so that’s where you’ll see the files. Note: Most operating systems will have a WLJS extension or a different name for it. You don’t have to keep switching between these versions; the files just have a different name in each version.

Using WLJS Basic

To start the editor, open the project files directory in your favorite editor and open the folder wltljs_basic where you downloaded the WLJS Basic editor. In the editor, open any file or select an image and use the buttons to draw and move the edit points in the image. The image editor has a large array of pre-programmed drawing commands. Just move objects with the mouse cursor and edit them with the buttons.

Using WLJS Free

The default WLJS editor is called wltljs_free and you are encouraged to try it out to see that you like the way it works. Note that it has a number of differences from the basic editor; see the wltljs_freewallet_features page for more information. Please look at the documentation page to see the differences.


Code, images, and other software licensed under a terms of the GNU General Public License and modified for your convenience, as described in the GNU General Public License. Any commercial use of the code or tools in this repository is explicitly prohibited.

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