How do I edit pictures on my smartphone? – Practice Photo Editing

First of all you need a computer to edit pictures on your phone. Then take pictures in different modes. For example, you can take photos in standard mode (Photo, Gallery and Video) and in landscape mode (Screens, Wallpaper and Wallpapers).

The picture you need to edit is in a mode you’re comfortable with. If you take pictures in landscape mode, I mean. Photo, Gallery and Video modes are just too big and too detailed for a small smartphone but it’s better to shoot normal photo or video mode then taking Pictures, Videos and Wallpapers.

So you have three options:

If you take a picture in Standard mode, take a picture in Wallpaper mode that fits in your wall and then you have to apply the background to your Picture. If you take a picture in Screens mode and take a picture in landscape mode, you have to adjust the screen size, the picture and the backgrounds.

Step 2: Take a Picture in Standard Mode and Adjust the Picture, Background and Text Size

On your phone, open the Gallery.

Scroll all the way down until you find a category that describes the category of your photographs. Click it. You will see a list of pictures like below.

If you can’t find the category you want, you can easily add it into a category from the category list. For example, I added Pictures (Standard) and added other pictures like Wallpapers or Screens in Screens category.

So you’ll see in the above picture I have categories for Picture (Standard) category in the left, Picture (Screens) category in the right and other categories in the left.

Now, when you take a picture in picture mode, you have to adjust it by changing the text size and text color in the bottom right corner, by adjusting the size of the text, text color and the background color in the bottom left corner, and by applying the background to the background in the top left corner.

To apply the text to the background, simply add a new Text from Picture text from Picture button and add text to each pixel of the photo.

Here is a example. It’s like this.

Notice the text size and the text color.

Text Size: 10× 10px Text color: Pink Title and background color: Pink

Step 3: Edit Photo Mode: Apply Image and Text Color

Take a new picture in Photo mode, press Image, and add

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