How do you do basic photo editing?

It’s quite easy. Just make sure you’re on Mac, iPhone or iPad, open the Camera app, hit “Edit”, and then select Image. There’s a ton of settings, but you should be able to do basic editing with some practice. Here’s a list of what you’re likely to need in order to get started:

Adjusting your white balance

Adjusting your exposure

Adjusting contrast

Adjusting brightness

Adjusting saturation

Adjusting color

Adjusting color space

Adjusting white balance

Adjusting exposure

Adjusting contrast

Adjusting brightness

There are three different kinds of adjustment that you can do: Hue, Saturation and Brightness. Hue, which makes up the spectrum of colors, is typically controlled with a slider that can be adjusted. Likewise, Saturation and Brightness are also found under the image settings menu. You can also manually adjust brightness and color to get the balance just right.

If you don’t want to manually adjust each of these, you’ll have to rely on a tool that you can find in the app. I like the Exposure and Exposure Time tools in the new Photo Booth. I find that the Exposure Time and Exposure tools (and the other sliders) give you a lot more control than they’re given credit for. I’ve tried a lot of manual exposure (for color, or even for exposure time) in the app and these tools give you a lot more control than anything you find in the image editing apps above.

One of my favorite apps was the one by David Hockney in which you adjust the color of your pictures. My favorite part about him is his “Color” tab. Click on the yellow plus button as shown here. You’re now viewing your color balance. At the bottom, click on the black slider to bring up a page with 3 tabs that allow you to adjust each color.

I like to use Exposure Time and Exposure Time + Aperture. In both cases, I like to use the “Agency” option in the “Apertures” section in order to adjust brightness.

In the example above, I adjusted my white balance to +3 in both cases.

Adjusting your Exposure Time

Once you’re good with your settings in the Exposure time tool you should be able to adjust the Exposure time to get the exposure exactly right. Here are settings to test out the Exposure time in the Camera app: