How do you sharpen an image on Photoshop?

It was a new idea for me. I had an image and an empty white canvas.

We’ll discuss the whole process, using a tool created specifically for it: the Sharpening brush.

Using the Brush

So here we go: I was drawing a photo of my daughter as a baby to get a rough idea of proportions on the photo. I tried to do it like I would do it with an actual photo but instead of using a black and white sketch, I used the brush. This created some problems in terms of using white and black as brushes in such a small space.

So this left a lot of space for my sketch of a boy who looked like he was 6 years old, and I wanted to use all different parts and colors of the photo. I created two versions of the photo: one with the hair and the other one without. I have a hard time telling them apart because they look like they are both from the same photograph.

I could create a white background in Photoshop and still have a sketch of a kid whose face was shaped like a human heart, but we can’t use it, because in the black and white version the sketch is blurred and the image is too big. So I used a white backdrop instead. Here’s the white backdrop version from this post:

Here I am using my image.

In both cases I just did a simple black paint layer.

Now here is a photo of my old dog, who was killed in a hit-and-run accident. I took this photo in 2004 when it was around two. This took me several hours of messing with different effects or color settings. In the photo I am using a grey scale so I was going to layer a black and white layer underneath the grey scale. I used the brush as the layer so when applied to the grey scale, it did the rest of the painting.

When finished with the photo and white background I just did the actual painting but with my new brush. With one stroke I created a large rectangle with the outline of little kid and the white background. It still doesn’t look entirely like a photo of a child. So I decided to experiment on a small canvas.

Here I am painting on an actual old photo of myself and my then girlfriend, who died in 2008.

I have used a paint brush to create my art. Here is a quick guide on how to draw with a brush.

Here is the original photo and background,