How do you take off clothes? – Learn Photo Editing Reviewsnap Unlimited

I don’t know.”

Maddox: “I like it. I’m kind of weird. I put them on on a box. I kinda, sorta put them in a box too. It’s called the ‘boxing box’, it’s… it’s sort of a… this big box. It’s like big, big, big… a big, big… I don’t know… big… you know. Big, big box. And it’s all the way up in your room. It’s really a big box.”

Dick: “Can’t you box in your underwear?”
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Maddox: “I can, I can! Can you box in your underwear, just not on your underwear?”

Dick: “What do you do, Dick?”

Maddox: “I try to… I… I pull it over my head in the bathroom. I put the box down on a tub of coolant. I set it on the tub. And I’m gonna, like, sit in there and cool off, like I wanna, like… like… I wanna have, like, a nice, cool, refreshing shower and then… and I use my finger to clean stuff off. And then I pull my box down in there and I’m like, okay, that’s it. I’m off. I’m off.”

Dick: “What do you do if it starts to freeze over or if you have to be outside in the cold?”

Maddox: “Do I have to wear a blanket? I guess that’s a good idea.”

Sarah: “Yeah, that’s a good idea.”

Sean: “I would just go outside and it’s okay to be outside.”

Maddox: “[laughing] Yeah.”

Sean: “[pause] Yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s like, ‘I can take it out and get it back in, yeah.’ It’s like ‘okay, I’ll cool off’ I guess.”

Dick: “It’s a big, big box. It’s… it’s really a big box.”

Maddox: “I know. It’s just cool. Its big, big, big. It’s got… it’s got like, oh no, it’s like two… its got like two feet, like, on of… of glass blocks underneath, like. It’s got like two feet on the bottom of it. But it’s

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